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We at CCI - Cologne Casting offer advice for small and medium sized foundries - the well known German „Mittelstand“ - around the world. Creativity and the willingness to break new ground, unite us with the tradition of foundry technology. Competent with strong local partners and long experience. Foundry advice is to us a tailored suit. The absolute will to put the customer in focus, is the guide for our motivation to success. Benefit from our individual foundry advice and contact us today.


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Workplace design

The environment of the employees is crucial for process manufacturing.



The implementation of a lean manufacturing can be carried out in various ways. It should start with you


The People

To establish a continuously improving production, the employees must be guided by a positive role model.

who we are

Executive partner:
Sebastian von Waldow

Welcome. As an business manager and engineer in metallurgy, I come from decades of foundry tradition. With fourteen years of experience in the world of liquid metals, distributed all around the globe, I am today with CCI as the Managing Director and offer competent advice for foundries. Look at our service page to learn more about our offers, or write us. We look forward to your inquiry.

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Cast your goals in new moulds. We are looking forward to your inquiry.