Our competence

"Forming Solutions Today"


With over 14 years of experience in the foundry world, we offer a wide range of services that are anything but ordinary. Our focus is on the middle class, without the use of the bulky term "SME".(Small & Medium Enterprises).

Our philosophy places itself as a service for our customers. We want not only to show solutions, but walk them together - responsibly and com-pletely. We do not accompany simply, we take you with us.

The idea for counselling foundries resulted from the family history, and lays with its origins in the establishment of an own foundry 80 years ago. Out of the iron castings for the automotive industry, nowadays a company has grown, that casts iron and steel into moulds, which are used worldwide. This body of experience, our exper-tise, is what we offer to you.

International markets and global customers are in strong contrast to the other side of a compa-ny, the employees. Establishing approaches for solving problems can only be done with the em-ployees. The main unit in a production process is also the most valuable. The knowledge of the production process is found concentrated again only there on the spot. Therefore, next to our customers, the employees are in our main focus.

Our concern
Cast your goals in new moulds. We are looking forward to your inquiry.