Our services are tailored SME programs, which are composed of a variety of topics:

The basic idea of a modern workplace design follows the path that always goes beyond the needs of the employee for the workstation. Here the cornerstones can be placed for a structured way of working, leading to lean work. Benefit from our experience in the foundry consulting to prepare your company for the future.

- ABC analysis of the work space
- Process Optimization
- Reduction of lead times
- Reduction of make-ready times
- Demand-oriented manufacturing (Kanban)

To change a production sustainably, is a task which the management must accept personally. The lean concept is only able to anchor firmly when the employees experience a positive and a prepared for constant changes work ethic, exem-plified by their supervisors.

- Recognized improvements on the spot (Genchi Genbutsu)
- Levelling of production (eliminate waste)
- Adjust processes to the needs of employees (poka-yoke)
- U-shape concept (Resource-friendly use)


The implementation of a production system neither begins with the employees nor does it stop there. It always starts with the need to be able to adapt quickly and flexibly to rule on the changing conditions in the global procurement, to meet customer requirements and adapt constantly. The knowledge to fulfil these steps, are located on the floor of each company: your employees.

- Staff training
- Leadership Institute
- Rhetoric courses for executives
- Waste-Walk Introduction
- Instructions for building 5S
- Integration of CIP systems (CI = Continuous Improvement)

Furthermore, we cooperate with renowned partners from different disciplines to find a holistic approach, which will take your problems into account.

Outside the implementation of lean manufacturing, we are also assisting with personal issues. For us it is important that we act as a mediator and ambassador of your goals.

- Implementation of a marketing program for customers and employee recruitment 
- Support in succession search
- Mediation in internal disagreements

Our concerns
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